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Performance numbers leak out for AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 5 2600 Zen+ CPU

Earlier this year, AMD debuted its CPU roadmap for 2018, kicking off with two new Ryzen 2000-series APUs, followed by new Ryzen CPUs based on the Zen+ architecture. We've seen the APUs already, so now it is only a matter of time before the new CPUs hit the market. That time could be quite soon too, as the Ryzen 5 2600 has appeared in benchmarks, with a notable improvement over the Ryzen 5 1600.

The Ryzen 5 2600 has appeared in the SiSoft Sandra database and Geekbench. The Ryzen 5 2600 is listed as a six-core, 12-thread processor with a 3.4GHz base clock speed and a 3.8GHz boost speed. It operates at a 65W TDP and contains 16MB of L3 cache and 3MB of L2 cache. We also know that Ryzen 2000-series CPUs will be made on the 12nm process with a refined version of the Zen architecture known as Zen+.

The processor was tested on a system with 16GB of DDR4 memory and Windows 10 Pro on the AMD Myrtle platform, which is an in-house platform AMD uses to test its new CPUs. on Geekbench, The Ryzen 5 2600 scored 4,269 points in the single-core test and 20,102 points in the multi-core test.

This is a greater than 10 percent boost on single-core performance compared to the Ryzen 5 1600. It is also a greater than 20 percent difference on multi-core performance in this test.

KitGuru Says: Performance numbers are starting to make their way out, which would indicate that a launch isn't too far off. Are many of you planning on upgrading your CPU this year? Are you holding out for the Ryzen 2000 series?

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