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Gigabyte GA-Z87X-OC Motherboard Review (w/ Intel i7 4770k)

After a delayed release from late 2012 to March 2013, the game received much anticipation and hype. Tomb Raider received much acclaim from critics, who praised the graphics, the gameplay and Camilla Luddington’s performance as Lara with many critics agreeing that the game is a solid and much needed reboot of the franchise. Much criticism went to the addition of the multiplayer which many felt was unnecessary. Tomb Raider went on to sell one million copies in forty-eight hours of its release, and has sold 3.4 million copies worldwide so far.

We like to use settings that enthusiast users would adopt themselves. No one plays the latest Direct X 11 titles at 1024×768 with low IQ, especially with this expensive flagship hardware.
We configured the engine to use the ‘Normal’ setting at a full 1080p resolution. We use the built in benchmark to get these results – so you can compare directly yourself.
tomb raider
TombRaider 2013-05-27 20-36-14-71
The benchmark shows that the frame rate hovers around a ‘semi’ playable 23.1 frames per second, dropping a few times to around 19 frames per second. A few tweaks of the settings, or a reduction to 720p would help improve the frame rate.

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