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Quad Core i5 gaming/rendering system @ 4.2ghz, for less than a grand?

Rating: 9.0.

At KitGuru we spend a lot of our time playing with high end hardware, and it can be disheartening for many readers. In the cold hard ‘real world' not everyone can afford a Core i7 980X with SLI'd GTX480's and to be honest, for most people this is totally overkill anyway. Killer performance shouldn't cost a fortune and this is the focus of today's write up.

Today we are trying something new – we want to help you build a Core i5 system which is not only capable of gaming, but media, 3d rendering and video editing duties also. We will hand select components we know will overclock well, but we also want to limit bios tweaking, a scary part of building a system for many people. There is a huge audience who want to build their own system, but don't want to learn a wealth of bios settings. We will guarantee today you can achieve a 1.4ghz overclock without breaking a sweat.

With the wealth of hardware options available in today's tech environment it is relatively easy to built a kick ass system for under a grand. What we have in store for you today is an Intel Core i5 quad core running at 4.2ghz with 4GB of 2GHZ DDR3, a 1080p LED screen, SSD drive, all without breaking the bank. KitGuru shows you how.

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