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Where do cards like the Sapphire R7 240 fit in?: Kitguru TV

Naturally for a publication like KitGuru, we spend a lot of time looking at graphic cards that cost hundreds of pounds and which rip through the latest games at phenomenal frame rates. But, in the real world, those cards represent only a fraction of the GPUs sold. We speak with Bill Donnelly from Sapphire to find out where low cost units like the R7 240 come in.

A couple of years ago, in a casual conversation with a high-street computer reseller in London's Tottenham Court Road (the country's electronics hub), we discovered a rather odd fact.  They told us that if you only look at units shipped – and not the value of the card or its profitability – then the largest ‘spike' on the sales chart was usually for something like a 1GB GeForce 210. The reason why is simple: If you have an older Intel processor, then you have almost zero graphics capability – so running dual screens etc is a fantasy. Unless you buy an entry level GPU. Bill Donnelly from Sapphire takes us around the R7 240 and explains which market need it fulfills.

KitGuru says: You're not going to use this for gaming – even if you put a pair of R7 240s in CrossFire. But for a processional user who doesn't need more graphics power, but who does need more features, then it could be a solution to the problem.

Have you ever been stuck with poor CPU graphics and wished you'd had something as basic as the R7 240 to get you through a project? Discuss on our Facebook page, over HERE.

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