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AMD Radeon R9 390X to cost more than $700 – report

Although the Radeon R9 390X will offer significantly higher performance than existing graphics cards from Advanced Micro Devices, it will also cost considerably more than current graphics adapters from the company. In fact, the new flagship graphics solutions from AMD will be more expensive than all single-chip Radeon graphics boards ever introduced.

Heise.de reports citing sources with knowledge of AMD’s plans that the AMD Radeon R9 390 graphics adapter will cost around $700, whereas more advanced AMD Radeon R9 390X will be priced at over $700. The price of the AMD Radeon R9 390X WCE [water-cooled edition] is unknown, but it will naturally be very high. The Radeon R9 380X will carry $400 price-tag, whereas the Radeon R9 380 will be available for around $330.

Previously the most expensive single-chip Radeon graphics cards cost no more than $649, but, apparently, the company wants to increase pricing of its flagship products going forward.


The Radeon R9 390-series graphics cards will be the first add-in-boards to use high-bandwidth memory (HBM) from SK Hynix in the world. Extreme performance in ultra-high-definition resolutions that the new cards will provide will justify their high prices.

AMD did not comment on the news-story.

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KitGuru Says: It is noteworthy that AMD wants to position its upcoming Radeon R9 390X above the GeForce GTX 980, but clearly below the GeForce GTX Titan X, which is expected to cost between $999 and $1349. For some reason AMD does not want to compete against Nvidia’s graphics cards at the same price-points.

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