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AMD’s new flagship Radeon ‘Fiji XT’ pictured: moderate size, LCS

Johan Andersson, technical director of Frostbite at Electronic Arts, has published a picture of AMD’s next-generation flagship graphics card code-named “Fiji XT” in a Twitter post. The new top-of-the-range AMD Radeon graphics solution does not look like graphics cards available today.

As it appears, the new enthusiast-class AMD Radeon “Fiji XT” graphics adapter will use a closed-loop hybrid liquid cooling solution that is supposed to ensure quiet operation and maximum efficiency. The board will no longer support DVI connectors and will only feature DisplayPort and HDMI outputs.

The new top-of-the-range Radeon graphics adapter will not be very long, like today’s high-end graphics cards from AMD or Nvidia Corp. In fact, the length of the graphics card seems to be comparable to the length of ATI Technologies’ advanced graphics adapters that were available a decade ago. Therefore, it will be possible to build a very high-performance small form-factor gaming PC using a “Fiji XT” with liquid cooler.


AMD’s flagship Radeon “Fiji XT” graphics processing unit is reportedly based on the revamped GCN 1.3 architecture and integrates 4096 stream processors (64 compute units), 256 texture units as well as all-new memory controller to support vertically stacked high bandwidth memory (HBM) chips with 1024-bit input/output interface. The top-of-the-range Radeon graphics adapter is expected to carry 4GB or 8GB of HBM memory with up to 640GB/s of bandwidth (thanks to 4096-bit memory bus and 1.25GT/s transfer rate).

Mr. Andersson did not reveal any additional information regarding the upcoming flagship graphics card from AMD,

“This new island is one seriously impressive and sweet GPU,” said the game programmer.

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KitGuru Says: Tweets like the one made by Johan Andersson are clearly sanctioned by AMD and are intended to attract attention to the product. In fact, the amount of teases – both official and unofficial – that AMD and its partners have made regarding “Fiji XT” is quite overwhelming. Let’s just hope that performance of the product will be a breakthrough.

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