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Asustek teases ultra-fast GeForce GTX 980 graphics card

Asustek Computer is preparing to launch a yet another factory overclocked GeForce GTX 980-based graphics card. The new graphics adapter promises to become one of the most powerful products based on Nvidia Corp.’s GM204 graphics processing unit.

The unknown 20th anniversary gold edition GeForce GTX 980 graphics card fro, Asus will utilize the same cooling system and printed circuit board design as the Asus ROG Matrix Platinum GeForce GTX 980 4GB that features up to 1342MHz GPU clock-rate. Asustek Computer began to tease the graphics card on its Facebook page on Monday, but did not reveal the final frequencies of its new graphics card, but implied that they are even higher than those of the ROG Matrix Platinum GeForce GTX 980.


Asustek’s most advanced graphics board powered by the GM204 GPU is based on a custom printed-circuit board that features sophisticated 14-phase voltage regulator module (VRM), which allows to significantly increase operating frequencies of the device and provides incredible overclocking potential. The digital 14-phase VRM uses concrete-core chokes, solid-state black metallic capacitors and hardened MOSFETs. The graphics adapter sports two 8-pin PCIe auxiliary power connectors that can deliver up to 300W of power to the graphics board. Additionally, the ROG Matrix Platinum GeForce GTX 980 features memory defroster power loop that keeps the memory chips just above freezing, when the card is cooled-down using liquid nitrogen or other extreme methods, preventing cold bugs from hindering overclocking.


Thanks to extreme clock-rates, Asustek’s new GeForce GTX 980 graphics card will likely be the world’s fastest graphics adapter featuring the GM204 GPU. Obviously, it will cost significantly more than regular solutions powered by the same graphics processor. Besides, it will be a limited edition product that will not be available widely.

Asus is expected to officially announce its new graphics card in the coming weeks.

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KitGuru Says: Given the performance and price gap between the GeForce GTX 980 and the new GeForce GTX Titan X Titan, it makes perfect sense for graphics cards makers to offer factory-overclocked graphics solutions based on the GM204.

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