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Exclusive sneak preview of upcoming Sapphire GFX

We have had in our hands a sample of an upcoming Sapphire card which is due for release soon. As you can see it is passively cooled – can you guess what it is?

What is this card with the sexy cooler. let us know!

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  • MP412C

    who gives a shit ? it’s a passively cooled card , no use for high end gaming .

  • Jeff Raymond

    HD7770? nice idea. are they calling it ;ultimate’ edition again?

  • Eugene

    MP412C sounds intelligent ! *coughs*

    Looks like a 7750, perhaps the upcoming ultimate edition, which looks ideal for a decent powered media center, in silence !

  • MP412C

    Very useful for people like you with a tighter budget . Sure it’ll play your porno **cough** torrents in silence **cough**

  • Eugene


    lol. You certainly seem to have an ego! I dont see a problem with people wanting a passively cooled video card like this in the mid/low end. Not everyone needs to play DX11 games at 2560 res or higher. Glad you took the time to crap all over the thread to say how awesome and rich you are! maybe you could buy me a 7770 or 7750, you probably find £150 in your coat pocket left over from the heroine drugs stash you bought last night, right?

  • Fisshy

    I’m going to say a HD 7650 Ultimate as the card seems pretty short. 🙂
    Always loved Saphire’s Passive cooling models.

    Eugene, Don’t feed the troll. 🙂

  • MP412C

    what are the midgets whining about ? their inability to buy high end parts or their inferiority to those who can actually buy what they want ? keep dreaming ! ps .it’s cheap

  • MP412C

    Ugly looking pcb but a decent looking heatsink . Hate the card, not the thread

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