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GTX560 outperforming GTX460 by 25 percent – early leaks

nVidia’s upcoming GTX560 is a hot topic right now and KitGuru has revealed loads about it already. It now looks as if some benchmark figures were leaked on the chiphell.com forums. These numbers show that KitGuru’s much earlier prediction actually seems to have nailed the GTX560’s performance to within 3%. Nice.

In the report we’ve seen, the 560 is shown to be outperforming the 460 by around 25 percent and it looks to be close in performance to ATI’s HD 6950.

However, that doesn’t take into account the Techpowerup software BIOS mod which makes a 6950 into a 6970.

The GTX 560 Ti has 384 shaders, 32 ROPs, 1024MB of GDDR5 memory and the core clock is 823mhz. While this is faster than the reference clocked GTX460’s, not many companies actually sold them at reference speeds with some being sold at 900MHz.

You can read more about the leaked figures over here, but we wouldn’t be treating them as gospel.

GTX560 seems to be a nice improvement, but with the unlockable HD6950 to HD6970 modification it has a tough task ahead of it. It all depends on the pricing which could be changed right up to the last minute.

For now, after our stunningly accurate prediction, we’ll put the KitGuru’s Casio scientific calculator back into the securely locked draw that is calls home. Closer to 25th January, all will be revealed about the GTX 560.

We were actually trying to get the calculator to spell cool words like BOOBS. Snigger.

(Update: Having seen the GTX560 on more than one ‘official looking piece of paper’, the only time we saw the ‘Ti’ attached to the name GTX 560 was on an Asus description. Co-incidence?)

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