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Sapphire release 2GB HD7790 OC GPU

Sapphire launched their overclocked HD7790 in March, and we reviewed it at the time, over here. Today they announced a sister card for the family, a 2GB version. In addition to a 2GB DDR5 frame buffer, it has an overclocked core and memory, and a specially designed cooler that allows the memory on the reverse side of the card to be cooled by the airflow from the fan.

The SAPPHIRE HD 7790 2GB OC Edition has 2GB of the latest DDR5 memory and is factory overclocked, with core clocks of 1050MHz and memory clocks of 1600MHz (6.4GB/s effective).
SAPPHIRE HD7790_OC_2G cooler design
The 2GB board features a new cooler design, which uses a dual heatpipe system and a single aerofoil section fan assembly with dust repelling bearings for maximum efficiency and reliability. A unique and SAPPHIRE original feature is the integration into the cooling system of the metal backplate which cools the memory chips on the reverse side of the pcb and helps with pcb rigidity.

A finned heatsink attached to the backplate passes through the pcb and extends into the airflow from the fan on the front side of the card, enabling the airflow to carry away the heat from the components on the back of the pcb and reducing memory temperatures to as low as 13 C.

The SAPPHIRE HD 7790 OC Edition model supports the FleX feature, pioneered by SAPPHIRE, that allows three digital displays to be connected to the DVI and HDMI outputs and used in AMD Eyefinity mode without the need for an external active adapter. All four outputs can be used in AMD Eyefinity mode, but the fourth display must be a DisplayPort monitor or connected with an active adapter.

Kitguru says: The card will be available very soon, and there will also be a bundled copy of BioShock Infinite in the box.

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