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Google Glass devices will be shipping soon

Google have just sent out an email to everyone on the Google Glass waiting list and say “seeing the first few devices come off the production line right now.”

Google want to start shipping these devices as soon as possible. They say Glass will ship out in batches to the 2,000 Glass Explorers who signed up first at their I/O developer conference in San Fransisco last year.

According to Techcrunch, people who signed up for Glass through the #iwantglass campaign have not received the email yet and subsequently will have to wait a little longer for their samples to be shipped.

Google added that they will start contacting the first batch of users who can purchase the Glass Explorer Edition for $1,500, by email. Shipping should happen within the next week.

Little is known about the construction of the product, although Foxconn are producing them for Google in the US.

google email
A copy of the email can be seen above.

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