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Netflix switching to HTML5 from Silverlight

A while ago Microsoft announced that Silverlight would be unsupported after 2012, many companies looked at alternative options. Netflix are one of Microsoft’s largest users of Silverlight which uses the software to deliver a fast responding media streaming experience. The company have just announced that they will be moving to HTML5 content in the future.

Netflix were keen to point out the problems with adopting video plug-ins, quoting security and compatibility concerns. The move to HTML5 would address those concerns and allow the ability to watch instant video via the service on a wider range of devices and browsers.

Netflix will be switching to three ‘premium video extensions’. Encrypted Media Extensions, Web Cryptography API and Media Source Extensions. The company say they will be working with leaders in the industry and that the shift to HTML5 will ensure they can still deliver a great experience for their users.

The Samsung ARM based Chromebook uses a similar system, utilizing Chrome browsers Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions to deliver Silverlight free video content. The Web Cryptography API isn’t yet available to use on the Chromebook, so Netflix are using their own Pepper Plugin API.

Kitguru says: Silverlight has worked well for Netflix to this point, but the company have no option but to move.

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