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Asus GTX460 price cut confirmed

Word in the UK channel today is that Asus has issued a price cut of around 15% on its GTX460 cards. KitGuru has been following the fate of nVidia’s best Fermi card to date and the picture painted is one of confusing shades and tones.

Asus is one of the world’s top technology brands. It’s a really smart cookie and practically created the netbook market single handed with the EeePC. The GTX460 is nVidia’s best Fermi to date and, in KitGuru’s opinion, very affordable when we first reviewed it at the start of July. It’s also a great upgrade path as KitGuru first revealed the SLi performance boost to the world here.

KitGuru reported the GTX460 price drop was about to happen on 20th July, but we could not quite believe our collective ears.

If a smaller vendor/weaker brand drops the price, then a lot of issues could be in play, but a straight price drop by a major brand like Asus reinforces earlier reports of overall slow GTX460 sales. KitGuru’s sources in the North of England also reported something else interesting on the manufacturer’s web site.

As of 27th July, Asus' site hadn't even listed the GTX460 yet, but prices were already being cut

Also, while there is a distinct lack of GeForce parts in the £50-£150 price bracket right now, that market look set to get very crowded very soon. In addition to the planned GT440 and GTS450 parts, nVidia will also need to fit in the GTX460 fall-out GTS455 part.

All of the Asus GTX460 variants will enjoy a new slim-line price tag, from the reference version to the ‘TOP’ variants.

KitGuru says: Bargain city for most gamers now that the battle for your DX11 dollars has been well and truly joined.

Let us know how cheap you are finding the new nVidia cards below (quick chat) or here in the KitGuru forum (slow and easy).

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