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Kindle sells out at Amazon – Riding the iPad wave

Many analysts thought the success of the iPad would spell the death of the Kindle, but thankfully the $189 e reader has been riding the iPad wave and has sold out at Amazon. Helped in part by a very successful and well timed price reduction.

The company has placed a message on their website saying they have temporarily sold out and that they can ’email you with an estimated  delivery deal as soon as we have more information.”

Thomas Szkutak, chief financial officer of Amazon said “We’re seeing very, very strong [Kindle] device growth and we’re seeing very, very strong content growth.”

KitGuru says: Apple have sold well over 3 million iPads but Amazon have yet to release information on the Kindle – we are really interested to know.

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  • Eric K

    Really glad to see the Kindle doing well, its a much better device for reading books.

  • P1n3apqlExpr3ss

    Recently picked up a 32GB touch, and frankly its fine for reading books… if anything makes it more… umm… not sure… since the screen is smaller the pages seem smaller and makes it less mentally taxing as opposed to bigger books with massive pages..