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Hardware.info gets 4-way 680 action up and running

Without doubt, Koen ‘Big Daddy’ Crijns is one of the nicest guys in the technology industry. Widely respected in his native country of Holland, Koen left ComputerTotaal magazine as reviews editor around 10 years ago and never looked back. Earlier today, he dropped a cool link into KitGuru and we are very happy to share the contents with you. KitGuru pulls on its orangest socks, pours a tall glass of Oranjeboom and prepares to link to the flattest country in the world.

Once upon a time, Hardware.info would run an entire translate version of its site – but pretty soon decided that it was best to focus on its core/home market. But, every now and then, Koen, Frank and the guys decide it’s worthwhile pulling out the Dutch-Brit dictionary, and the Quad-SLi 680 test is one of those occasions.

If you want to read 14 pages of in-depth review, please click here.

On the other hand, if you’d just like to get a robot-chubby with a single chart, here you go.

When he's not helping old ladies across the road, Koen finds time to do some testing

KitGuru says: Kudos to the Dutch lab for getting hold of 4 cards. Interesting review and, possibly, the shape of what’s to come in a single card in – say – 4 years time?

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