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Larrabee 2: secrets revealed during pub crawl !

Sunshine finally warmed the English countryside today. As a river meandered through the sleepy town of Newbury, one of the KitGuru crew was relaxing outside the Lock, Stock and Barrels pub. As he supped his well earned lager, he overheard something very interesting indeed.

Sitting not too far away, a pair of gentlemen were similarly smitten with the sunshine, but their conversation had nothing to do with nature or the changing seasons.

KitGuru’s ears first pricked up when he heard ‘Intel’ in the conversation. Later, he heard ‘Mentor’. At another stage, ‘Larrabee‘. The conversation all seemed very positive (was there talk of big bonuses for smashing previous targets?) and seemed to centre on a big new deal that has been struck, but what for?

Pulling his imported iPad out of its protective sleeve, he picked up a local wi-fi connection and began searching.

The first pages he pulled up caused befuddling, with Mentor’s site offering “The innovative Calibre InRoute Open Router architecture which allows the Olympus-SoC system to natively invoke Calibre SVRF-based DRC and DFM analysis in the inner loop of the router”.

Things got easier, and a little more obvious, when he hit “Mentor Graphics developed Calibre InRoute to support manufacturing closure for advanced node designs” at www.mentor.com

Bottom line?   Intel seems to have completed its internal analysis of the failings of Larrabee v1, created a completely revised strategy and product definition for Larrabee v2 and, most importantly, begun shopping for the tools necessary to design and deliver a world class, discrete graphics solution.

KitGuru says: Amazing what you can learn in a pub. Our money is on Intel doing whatever it takes to pwn (sic) the next generation consoles, which would allow it to completely revolutionise the way in which games are written, to make them perfect for massive arrays of really simple x86 units.

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  • Jim Montecarlo

    WOW – really? will it challenge ATI and nvidia this time?

  • florence

    WTF. I thought Larrabee was canned completely, are they trying again?

  • Jules

    Lets hope they follow through this time, I was looking forward to seeing an intel high end solution.

  • monsterheadache

    is this for real or a weekend joke thing?

  • joe brown

    Lol poor intel, bet they wont be chuffed to know this leaked :p

  • Doran Eli

    Any news on the specs for it?

  • eric

    Hey its amazing the stuff you hear in pubs. although most of what I hear is about people sleeping with some hot chick.

    Larrabee 2. “The unknown graphics solution” – wonder will it make the final cut this time.

  • Alan

    Lets hope its out faster than Fermi was ! I haven’t high hopes for it tho!

  • Dororon

    Funny stuff, gave me a right ole chuckle this evenin guys

  • Freed

    KitGuru, breaking the news ! so how accurate is this then, true or bollocks?

  • Chrissie Venden

    The Mentor site is very heavy. Only companies with a definied need for high end design tools would ever go there. What are the chances that a KitGuru journalist actually overhears 2 Mentor salesmen at a weekend? That’s got to be astronomical.

  • yayforintel

    Looking forward to finally seeing a competitive release from the boys in blue!

  • storageformasses

    This is still years off release but its interesting to read that its being discussed already in ‘closed circles’

  • William Crawford

    I think Intel are biting off more than they can chew – everyone thinks that it is really easy to release graphics technology but their last effort which failed is a good indication that even with all the money in the world, if you dont have the right staff for the job then its all just a waste of money and resources. Maybe they will learn the second time

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