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nVidia prices slashed again – GTX470 down more than 21%

If you have been following KitGuru recently, you will have seen us reporting on the dichotomy nVidia faces. Ever better cards being launched, while price cuts keep being applied to try and stimulate sales.

KitGuru can say, with certainty, that things are getting better for nVidia fans.

Or are they?

While hardcore gamers accept that they will need a serious upgrade every 6 months or so, the other 95% of the market changes infrequently. For those people, seeing the price of the GTX470 they bought last week dropping by more than 21% won’t make them happy.

Even the more affordable Fermi cards are dropping. The GTX465 trade price moves down to $229.

Additional drops on the slow selling 768MB GTX460 are also planned.

'Good Deals R US' CEO - Jen-Hsun Huang

This update to nVidia’s pricing means a condensation of the products stack. Following on from that, the upcoming GTS450 and GTS455/GT440 will have a decreasingly small target to aim for.

As revealed by KitGuru in early August, expect GTS450 to launch on 13th September and be in stores for 14th.

KitGuru says: While nVidia would like to set the price for the market, as it has done for many of the previous generation’s launches – this time the market has moved so strongly for DX11 that a rethink is being done by Jen Hsun and Jay Puri. “Well played!” – that’s what we say. Makes the market more competitive and creates value for consumers – albeit at the expense of shareholder dividends. Good move on the price cuts nVidia.

Quick comment below – go in depth in the KitGuru forums.

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  • Jared Dutch

    Wow they will be giving these away with boxes of cornflakes soon.

  • Steve

    You can also bet your ass they are still making a tidy profit even with this drop in price 🙂

  • Tim

    The 460 has hit the rest of their range hard,. no one wants 465 or 470, they have models competiting against each other, this was always going to happen.

  • ET

    So, what’s that price? I read the news article several times in case I missed it, but I can’t find it.

  • faith

    @ET: We will post some examples this morning 🙂

  • B.Miles

    @ET : guess it’s gonna be around 276, 21% cut of pre offical price 349, no??

  • B.Miles

    @ET : We kinda guess it’s gonna be around 276, 21% cut of pre offical price 349, no??

  • B.Miles

    is there any other way that i can post my comments here? i don’t see any one of them.