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AMD confirms Zen 5 and improved Navi 3 for Ryzen 8000 processors

During a recent Meet The Expert webcast, AMD shared an updated roadmap that revealed some exciting details about the future of its AM5 desktop socket. The leaked roadmap shared on social media confirms AMD's intention to support the socket for at least four more years and confirms some details about the upcoming Ryzen 8000 desktop processors.

One of the highlights of the roadmap shared by @harukaze5719 is the inclusion of the Ryzen 8000 series (2024), which will feature the Zen5 and Navi 3.5 architectures. This marks the first official mention of these architectures for a specific product. Rumours suggest that AMD's upcoming APU silicon codenamed “Strix Point” will employ either 16 or 40 compute units (CU) based on AMD's newly updated GPU architecture. If true, this roadmap indicates that such APUs could make their way to desktops.

Another interesting detail is the mention of Zen 4 and Navi 3.0 architectures for the Ryzen 7000 desktop series. Currently, the Ryzen 7000 lineup relies solely on the RDNA 2 architecture for its integrated graphics. The inclusion of Navi 3.0 (also known as RDNA 3) suggests that this architecture will be available for the AM5 socket this year. The Phoenix APU, which is already being used in high-end laptops, is the likely candidate to bring Navi 3.0 to the AM5 socket.

The slide showing a portion of the roadmap also states that AM5 socket support will last until 2026, increasing socket longevity for one more year than expected.

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KitGuru says: With Zen 5 coming in 2024, will you be holding off on an upgrade to see what the new platform brings to the table? 

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