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AMD RDNA 5 should be a completely new architecture

AMD has multiple generations of the RDNA architecture in the works. With RDNA 3, we didn't quite get the performance jump many were hoping for, leaving many hopeful for RDNA 4. According to rumours this week, RDNA 4 might actually be a bit of a refresh, largely reusing a lot of the technology that went into RDNA 3. However, it is also claimed that RDNA 5 should be a ‘completely new' architecture. 

The report is from Chiphell user wjm47196 (via Wccftech), who has previously leaked Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs ahead of launch. According to the user, RDNA3 failed to reach its performance objectives, causing the GPU core frequency power curve to “go out of control”. Moreover, the previously proposed 192MB Infinity Cache was also cancelled owing to cost and power consumption concerns.

With RDNA 4, things should go a little better. AMD is expected to launch graphics cards based on the Navi 44 and 48 GPUs for the mainstream and entry-level markets, much like the Radeon RX 5000 series. This same architecture is expected to be used on the PS5 Pro and bring improved ray tracing performance. As for overall performance, the top SKU is expected to be on par with the Radeon RX 7900 XT.

On the other hand, RDNA 5 might be the “Zen” moment for AMD GPUs. RDNA 5 is claimed to bring a complete redesign, which might even justify a new name that's not RDNA. This new GPU architecture is expected to be featured in the Zen 6-based Medusa APU and on the next Xbox console, slated for 2028.

Additionally, the rumour emphasises AMD's plan to fine-tune its AI and ROCm software package by involving Xilinx. Something like “Radeon AI” is definitely a possibility as the red team focuses more on AI.

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