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Asus unveils RTX 4070 graphics card without 8-pin power connectors

During its Computex 2023 showcase, Asus revealed an intriguing concept graphics card. Based on the RTX 4070 GPU, this graphics card stands apart from the rest thanks to its unconventional power delivery method. Unlike traditional graphics cards that require standard power connectors, this concept card draws power directly from the motherboard through a proprietary slot.

It's important to note that this concept graphics card is still in its early stages of development, and Asus showcased it (via Wccftech) to demonstrate the possibilities rather than as a finalised product. The power is supplied through a specialised PCIe-like slot connector at the bottom of the graphics card. This approach eliminates the need for traditional power connectors and necessitates a motherboard specifically designed to accommodate this unique power delivery method.

Image via Wccftech

Asus showcased a motherboard (based on the Z790 TUF Gaming) compatible with this concept card. This motherboard features a distinctive design with all the connectors positioned at the back. However, due to its design, a PC case that supports this motherboard and its unique connectors will be required.

The connector is rated to deliver up to 600W of power. The RTX 4070 card was the only model shown by Asus, but more powerful GPUs may be considered in the future (up to 600W at least). While many details regarding this concept card are still under NDA, the company is keen on testing the market and gauging demand.

KitGuru says: While fewer cables in the case does make for a nicer looking build, moving towards proprietary connections and motherboard-specific GPU combinations doesn't sound like a particularly good idea for the industry at large. 

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