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Aria PC launches GPU deals to celebrate Bioshock Infinite launch

While I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that stayed up late last night playing Irrational’s new Bioshock Infinite, some of you may be waiting till you can afford a new high end GPU so you can appreciate the beauty of Columbia. Well that wait may be over, as our pals at Aria PC are offering a host of new graphics card bundles that all come with Bioshock Infinite – and other games too.

If your budget is tight, or if your upgrading from some long ago generation of cards, then the 7770 might be a worthy upgrade for you. This one is the VTX3D X-Edition with a factory overclock. It comes with Bioshock Infinite and the new Tomb Raider too. You can get it for just over £80.

Pockets a little deeper? How about the ARIAnet HD 7850. It packs the typical 1GB of GDDR5 and a price tag of £122.39. It also comes with the Tomb Raider, Bioshock games combo.

Stock is limited on these bundles, so if you want one get in there early.

Want something a little more high end? Then you’re probably thinking 7950. This one from VTX3D is the X-Edition that has a decent factory overclock and packs 3GB of GDDR5 memory – I wonder how many of you remember it when 256MB was considered an obscene amount – and comes priced at £224.

Of course if you’re feeling minted and want a total of five free games, then your only option if you’re thinking AMD, is the XFX Double D Black Edition HD 7970. It also packs 3GB of RAM but comes with much higher clocks than its cheaper cousin and the free games bundle is impressive: Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3, FarCry 3, Sleeping Dogs and Hitman Absolution. All for £304.79.

All prices inc. VAT.

KitGuru Says: If you can’t afford one of these though, don’t forget that Carl is giving away copies of Bioshock Infinite and Crysis 3 every single day at the moment. Make sure you hit him up on Facebook.

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