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Nvidia debuts GeForce GTX Battlebox GPU bundle

Nvidia has just announced a new partnership with its system builders, to provide a standardised gaming PC package packing super high end hardware, offering outstanding performance. Known as the Battlebox™, these bundles will combine Intel Haswell CPUs, a 4K resolution monitor (running at 3840×2160 resolution) and a pair of GTX 780s or higher running in an SLI configuration.

That’s not all though. Those buying a Battlebox™ will also receive specialised branding on their chassis, as well a special edition SLI bridge with “an illuminated GeForce GTX Claw.”

You can buy one of these systems from any of the following systems builders: ScanPC SpecialistChillblastCyberpowerDino PCComputerPlanet and OCUK, but if you’re not quite convinced yet and want some more information straight from the horse’s mouth, Nvidia has a page detailing more about the Battlebox™ here.




KitGuru Says: Some interesting looking bundles there. Are any of you in the market for a new gaming rig? If so, what do you think of treating yourself to one of these?

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  • Benoît

    Will the screen use HDMI 2.0? If not, how will it run at 60 fps?

  • Benoit is dumb

    Are you kidding me dude? No HDMI 2.0 = No 60fps? You’re a bigger idiot than I could ever meet in RL