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AMD’s Huddy heads off for poker millions hiatus

Word just into KitGuru is that AMD’s Head of Developer Relations has decided to go off and explore another business opportunity. KitGuru uses the available data to shade in the pixels and render the scene.

As one of the original co-inventors of DirectX, Richard Huddy has made a significant impact in the world of gaming over the years.

The Remedy chaps liked him so much that if you go back to the original Max Payne, and the mad scientist you shoot in the lab is, actually, Huddy himself.

The bloke on the left. What do you think? Full house or single card? Bluffers 'R' us.

Having originally worked for nVidia for four years, Huddy made the move to ATI almost a decade ago and has been a prime contact point for all the main game development studios over the years, so why the change, what will he do next and who will fill his pixellated shoes at AMD GPU HQ?

The change does not appear to follow any particular argument or falling out, he just wants to do off and do something new. In fact, it appears that AMD has given him the year off to go do the new project – and hopes/expects him back at AMD in late 2012.

What will he do next?  Well, we have it on good authority that Huddy will stay within gaming such as playing poker online through online poker sites – but a different kind of gaming. Seems that he will be running some kind of revolutionary, global company. We’d tell you more, but the cards are being played very close to the chest (boom, boom).

The last, and probably most important question, is ‘Who will fill his shoes?’

It looks as though 3-time KitGuru interviewee, Nic Thibieroz will be playing a much more significant part in the revamped AMD DevRel team.

You can read all about Nic’s views on KitGuru:-

Is Huddy really interested in poker, or does he just want to find a way to marry astrophysicist/model/musician Liv Boeree? Surely the pleasure is to play, makes no difference what we say?

KitGuru says: Everyone in the industry wishes Richard ‘a Royal Flush’ with his new venture and a big ‘Good luck Nic’ notre Guru D’Graphique Nouveau.

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