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KitGuru reveals how many GTX570 cards will land in the UK

With the whole web running hot on whether or not the GTX570 will be a hit, it seems that nVidia has been squeezing out as many chips as it possibly can for the launch. KitGuru’s spies have reported ship-out details from the Far East and we’re now prepared to reveal how many GTX570s will be available for sale in the first wave.

As we’re discussed before, you can claim a hard launch in the UK with as few as 300 cards. Ship 50 into each of your favourite resellers and, as the NDA lifts, early visitors to those sites will definitely feel as though they can place an order.

Sure, the stores may sell out quickly and you need to wait a week or two for the next shipment to hit these shores, but essentially you can claim a hard launch with just 300 cards.

KitGuru has been speaking with nVidia insiders on the other side of the world and the initial landing in the UK will be closer to 2,000 cards.

Scene over Blighty earlier today as the first batch of GTX570 cards come in to land behind enemy lines

Looking at the sheer volume of cards arriving, it makes more sense why so many UK resellers have been taking pre-orders. Maybe they were a little nervous that with so many cards coming through, in the first wave, that they might get stuck with an over-stock situation.

We don’t think there will be an overstock problem with the GTX570. It’s newer than the GTX480, cheaper than the GTX480 and will have a very similar performance profile. Should be a recipe for success.

KitGuru thinks the GTX480 is more likely to be an overstock issue.

Not sure we’d bet money on a price drop, but it has to be on the cards. The only factor that might be playing on nVidia’s mind would be recent fluctuations in the dollar rate. While peaking around $1.62 : £1 last month, it is now $1.57 :£1 which is a sizeable change.

For a GTX480 card that was selling at £400, the dollar change would offset a price change of more than £12. That might be enough to dampen the spirits of any nVidia execs planning to move the GTX480 to a more favourable price point.

KitGuru says: Invading the UK with 2,000 GTX570 cards seems like a strong move by nVidia. Then again, we are in the busiest time of the year and if you can’t sell a graphic card for £286 now, then when can you?

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