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nVidia flushes out the bummers

The whole world plus dog loves it when the brave boys of the graphics world launch a new top-end product for the price of a brand new motor scooter. That said, computer stores across the country still do good business in baseline graphic cards. KitGuru sticks a sieve under the GPU drain outlet to see what plops in our laps.

Zardon’s famous Radeon HD 6990 CrossFire test (here, back in March) stands out in the KitGuru memory, because the recently released (and pretty nippy) Radeon HD 6850 was glued to the bottom of the performance chart.

With graphics cards going ‘off’ faster than a glass of milk in the Dubai summer sun, it’s amazing to think that the really low end stuff can still be sold.

Right now, nVidia is preparing for the launch of the GeForce GTX600 range in time for the end of year holidays (insert Xmas, Chanukah, Divali or Al Hijra – according to individual beliefs).

But what is the channel being offered?

The answer might make you smile.

Before the GTX600 was the GTX500 series and, before the 500 was the 400. We’ll skip past the mini-launch that accompanied the 300 series and – at this stage – we arrive back in the year 2008, with the 200 series. The bum-end of the modern nVidia line up, so to speak.

Apparently, somewhere in the world, there are still warehouses with 200-series products sitting in them. But, never fear, the nVidia sales force is here.

After sitting down to contemplate the issue for a while, they have decided to squeeze out the last of these cling-ons – with channel customers able to pick up the GT210 for less than £16.

nVidia brings DX10 to the masses who don't have it already integrated on their motherboard

KitGuru says: Even though flushing out the old stock probably only help cashflow a little, it’s still got to be better than sitting on it. If you have a slow old box in the corner and want to give it a DX10-enabled, HD-film playback swan song – then maybe it’s worth £20/$30 of your money. Maybe.

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