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nVidia re-launches GTX560 to kill off GTX460

It’s hard to understand how nVidia has a non-disclosure in place for a product that was launched ages ago and which has been a very nicer seller indeed thank you. KitGuru turns on the fog lights and enters the mists that surround something we like to call ‘nVidia logic’.

Graphic companies release new products all the time. Slightly faster clock. Slightly cheaper memory. Reduced layers in the PCB. Increase cooling. Dead silent. You get the picture.

So why the song/dance/brand new web site pages relating to the ‘new’ GTX560?

Well, the original card was a ‘Ti’ variant it seems, so does this mean the ‘new’ card will be faster or slower?

According to nVidia HQ, slower and cheaper.

But, having heard some graphics folks discussing the upcoming products down in Theale, KitGuru could have sworn we heard ‘925’ being mentioned. Either this was a retro-desire to buy an AMD Phenom II processor, a desperate desire for spare parts for an old Porsche or the people in the Crown Inn, Theale, were accidentally revealing clock settings for a revised/shrunk/heat-reduced GTX560.

If it is going to be card with some new capabilities, then :-

  1. What will those capabilities be?
  2. How fast will it go?
  3. How much might it cost?
  4. What other implications might there be?

Let’s see/speculate/soothsay.

Speed is normally what KitGuru looks for first – and here begins our problem. What we’re hearing from NV HQ seems to indicate that the ‘new’ GTX560 will be slower than the existing model. But what we’re hearing from Theale in the UK is that the clocks could be higher.

nVidia HQ State-side is trying hard to convince the world that the ‘new’ GTX560 is likely to perform in the ‘GTX560 Ti running at 750MHz’ range – between the GTX460 and the existing GTX560 Ti. To quote from Jimmy Thang directly, the card is “Situated between the GeForce GTX 460 and GeForce GTX 560 Ti in terms of price and performance”.

If it is a direct GTX460 replacement, then it needs to hit no more than £149. So there’s your target area.

The cherry on top of this strange tasting ‘cake of newness’ is the ‘sneaky peak’ web material that nVidia has set up over here. As they say ‘we have designed the affordable GeForce GTX 560.’

The efforts we go to in order to weed out this weirdness would make you smile.

Sneaking up on graphic card execs takes some work. Here's an idea of the preparation involved in getting close to the target in Theale. For the 'new' GTX560, we're not sure it's worth the effort.


KitGuru says: So there you have it. nVidia is saying that the GTX560 is looking to kill off the incredibly popular GTX460. The rumours we hear are telling us that it could actually be clocked higher than the existing GTX560 Ti, but obviously in a neutered state. nVidia’s Jimmy Thang is clearly indicating that the ‘new’ GTX560 will be the most popular nVidia card ever – constantly referring back to the 9800GT. Good luck with that Jimmy.

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  • Optix

    As exciting as watching paint dry 🙂

  • Harry

    So there we have it, another pointless video card we dont need. Nvidia are almost as bad as AMD lately, with more pointless releases after more pointless releases. Talk about market saturation.

  • Joseph

    Read some forum threads and this isn’t creating much, if any of a buzz. it will be a cheaper, slower version of the 560, which no one needs as the 560 is great.

    you save £20 really and it gives nvidia another product to launch. I am so so sick of graphics cards. far too many available. no one cares anymore. same with all those shit AMD video card releases lately,. 5670, 5650, etc etc.


  • Ken

    @ Joseph. I think you mean 6xxx ? 😉

    I think Nvidia have a weak spot now between 560 and that POS 550. this should hit the right performance the 550 should have been in the first place. Not an ideal launch, release a cut down version of a popular card to fix the 550 mess.

    AMd do it all the time too, some of their range is terrible. just like the last generation 5830 anyone?

  • de-nvidia

    nvidia few steb backwards nowadays, a sign of uncompetitiveness?
    hd5670 make low-end fermi gt430/440 looks like garbage
    hd5750 hit hard GTS450, cheaper and about equal performance
    hd5770 humiliate GTS450OC which sell more expensive
    GTX550Ti too late, too expensive (compared to HD5770)
    not mentioned HD6790 which also make gtx550ti not worth
    and AMD’s secret weapon Sapphire Extreme HD5830 & HD5850, devastating gtx460 market