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AMD launches Radeon PRO W7700 graphics card for workstations

Earlier this year, AMD launched its most powerful Radeon PRO GPU yet, the W7900, as well as the W7800. In August, the company filled out the line-up with additional W7600 and W7500 options. Now, we return to the workstation graphics line-up, with the introduction of the W7700 graphics card.

AMD is completing its rollout of 7000 series Radeon PRO graphics cards with the launch of the Radeon PRO W7700. Launching this month, the W7700 targets the $999 price point, aiming to be an ideal workstation graphics card for numerous industries, from media and entertainment to design, manufacturing and construction.

Built on the RDNA 3 architecture, the Radeon PRO W7700 workstation graphics card offers up to a 1.7X performance improvement compared to the similarly priced offerings from the competition. In AMD's internal benchmarks, it reports 52 percent higher performance in SOLIDWORKS, up to 24 percent higher performance in Creo and up to 37 percent higher performance in CATIA.

You can find the specs for the Radeon PRO W7700 below:

Model Compute Units & Ray Accelerators AI Accelerators TFLOPS
(Peak Single Precision)
GDDR6 Memory
(with ECC)
Memory Bus Display Outputs Total
AMD Radeon PRO W7700 48 96 28 (FP32) 16GB 256-bit 4X UHBR 13.5 DisplayPort 2.1 190W





The AMD Radeon PRO W7700 workstation graphics card is expected to be available November 13, 2023, priced at $999.

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KitGuru Says: AMD's rollout of current-gen workstation graphics cards should now be complete, barring any potential refreshes. 

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