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AMD Radeon M400-series to arrive in April

The first batch of 400-series graphics chips from AMD are set to arrive as soon as April, though these will be mobile variants for laptops and tablets. The reveal was made by Lenovo, which will be launching a new range of YOGA notebooks in the next couple of months featuring AMD's M400-series graphics paired with either Intel Skylake or Pentium processors.

The YOGA 510 notebooks were announced in a press release, showing that the YOGA 510-14ISK notebook will ship with the Radeon R5 M430 and YOGA 510-15ISK with the R7 M460 GPU.


As Videocardz points out, the R5 430M is a rebranded chip. However, we aren't sure whether the R7 M460 will be based on new technology or not but we do know that it will feature 2GB of video memory. Notebook prices will range from £400 to £600 here in the UK and €480 or €700 in the rest of Europe. It is worth noting that AMD has not officially detailed its M400-series graphics chips yet, so this is pretty early information.

KitGuru Says:  AMD has been picking up steam in the mobile-GPU arena. Recently Apple switched over to AMD for its mobile GPUs found inside of the Macbook Pro range and now, it looks like the company is also set to work with Lenovo this year, who are one of the biggest PC makers in the world. Do any of you have experience with Radeon mobile graphics? How did you find it? 

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