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AMD HD 6700 specifications leaked online?

It was only a matter of time before this happened before launch, but it appears a chinese source on the ChipHell forums has leaked confidential slides from AMD, which were apparently given to an OEM.

The Barts graphics cards will be released in the mid range sectors and will replace the HD5750 and HD5770 cards currently available.

The Barts Pro range compares well against the HD5750, doubling the ROP's and memory interface width. The higher end Barts XT range is apparently going to feature 960 shaders clocked at 850MHZ and 1GB of GDDR5 which operates over a 256 bit memory interface. 48 Texture units, 32 ROPS and 12 SIMDS make up the package. Power draw is particularly interesting as the slide shows it is consuming under 150 watts under load. This should help performance as the current HD5770 for instance is limited to a 128 bit memory interface and 16 rops and 40 texture units. The key element of this increase would be the double width bus which should help throughput dramatically.

KitGuru says: We can't confirm if this is true or if it is a far eastern photoshop doctoring job, but we felt it was interesting enough to share with you guys.

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