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Cooler Master Silent Pro M 600W Power Supply Review

Rating: 8.0.

A good power supply is probably the most important part of any system build, and while KitGuru have focused recently on some seriously high end units such as the Corsair AX1200 and the Enermax Revolution 85+ 1020W, not everyone can afford these (or needs them in the first place).

Today we are focusing on a power supply that can be picked up for £70 inc vat in the UK. The Cooler Master Silent Pro M 600 W unit is a modular PSU with a single 12V rail offering 40A. There are four other models in the range, those being 500W, 700W, 850W and 1000W units. The higher end 850W and 1000W are 80 Plus Bronze certified while the one we have on review today has only received the standard 80 Plus approval.

  • Up to 40A on a single +12V rail
  • Eco-design for energy and money saving by Active PFC.(>0.9)
  • Flat modular cables to eliminate clutter and improve chassis airflow
  • Two 6+2 pin PCI-e connectors for multiple high-end graphic card set ups
  • Japanese-made capacitors
  • Energy efficient design that meets 80 Plus requirements
  • Intelligent 135mm fan speed control
  • Hybrid copper plus aluminum heat sink
  • Anti-vibration silicon padding
  • Protection: OVP / UVP / OCP / OPP /OTP / SCP / OLP
  • High Power Density (150*150*86 mm)
  • High reliability (MTBF > 100,000 hrs)
  • Compliant with Intel standard Intel ATX12V V2.3 & SSI EPS 12V V2.91
  • Five-year warranty

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  • Samuel Wright

    Cant really knock that for the price, I love a silent PSU, some of the ones ive bought in the past have been loud as hell.

  • Terrance

    Very nice looking little PSU and more practical for most people. Ideal for media center, decent efficiency at lowist ouput and no noise.

  • Strongbad

    Coolermaster make a decent little PSU, not in the same league as the new corsair stuff, but more than capable of giving enermax a run for their money.

  • Raymond

    efficiency is really good for the lowest rated cert.

  • Tim

    My friend bought this last month for £90, he will be slightly pissed off 🙂 its a very quiet PSU and their naming is really honest. I like Coolermaster,

  • Travis

    ideal for my next media build – might even drop a bit more by christmas !

  • Brian

    really good value for money on the noise front alone.

  • Stewie

    Very good buy indeed. I had a coolermaster PSU before and I think its still working, its about 7 years old and very dusty ! well worth the money

  • Garth

    I would buy this for a media center, but im aiming to pick up the 750W corsair unit which was reviewed here last week.

  • Tech Head

    I find the internal design of this unit particularly interesting, the low profile concept with multiple capacitors.