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64 bit Flash previewed

A 64 bit version of Flash has been on the ‘want list' of many enthusiast users for a very long time now and they will be pleased to hear that Adobe have just launched a new Flash Player with 64 bit support across all major operating systems.

This is welcome news for 64 bit Windows users as the previous release was tied directly into Linux operating systems. This new version supports Mac OS X, Windows and the new Linux version is apparently faster and more stable.

This new Flash player is called SQUARE and is designed to take advantage of GPU processing power which has been built into the recently released Internet Explorer 9 Beta.

Abobe say that this version is still a beta and therefore there will more than likely be improvements and code adjustments made before final release.

You can get this SQUARE version over at the Abobe Lab Site.

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  1. Shall test it out now. about bloody time, Adobe are so slow with software releases at times.

  2. so far so good with Firefox 64bit and IE 9 64bit