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PC World unleashes unbeatable graphics value

KitGuru is a boring old windbag. When we’re not writing 40-page reviews on the world’s most advanced technology, we trundle down to the local stores in search of the new/different/interesting. This bright spring morning saw us inside PC World – and what value we found!

PC World is part of the massive Dixons Group of Stores. The umbrella company changes its name a lot – so we’re not quite sure if it is DGS, DSG, DSGi or a combo of the lot – but you know who we mean. It’s the specialists out on Junction 8 of the M1 that we’re focusing on.

So, among the shelves of ‘wanna be Best Buy but we’re not’, what did KitGuru find that was so interesting?

It was a 1GB Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 graphics accelerator – with a whopping £20 reduction (while stocks last).

Right now, the latest Sapphire 5850 Extreme is not only romping through the stand-alone review wins, but it’s also proving a firm favourite among specialist system builders who are trying to win reviews in the sub-£600 price range.

So with Sapphire’s Extreme bouncing around the £100 mark from specialist high street stores, what has PC World got to dazzle us with?

Weighing in at just DOUBLE the price of the new card from a variety of stores (AFTER the reduction). Shocking 'value'.

KitGuru says: We recently ran a story about PC World’s plans to create ‘BLACK’ stores – specifically aimed at serious users/gamers/enthusiasts. Judging by what we saw this morning, there’s a lot of work to do if the boys from Dixons want to be taken seriously in this sector.

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