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AMD HD7870 and HD7850 Graphics Card Review

To test power consumption today we are using a Keithley Integra unit and we measure power consumption from the VGA card inputs, not the system wide drain. We measure results while gaming in Crysis Warhead and record the results.

In such an energy aware climate, AMD are making a big deal out of their new ‘ZeroCore Power’ technology. Many solutions today use power gating, clock gating and memory compression to reduce idle power requirements, but ZeroCore power technology can completely power down the core GPU while the rest of the system remains active.

As with the other 7000 series cards, power efficiency is very good. Tthe HD7850 consuming around 110 watts when gaming. The HD7870 demands around 35 watts more when loaded, averaging 145.

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  • Joseph Best

    Looks like a winner from AMD. UK get shafted on price though, always do,

  • Terry

    yeah, thats what im talking about. I was hoping more for £250 and £200 though. if the 7870 is £300 thats not much cheaper than 7950 which is now £350 in some places.

  • Nathan Stevenson

    Awesome, the 7850 is on my list, depending on the price. no where has them, when are they released?

  • Khan Donith

    Loads of overclocking potential with the 7850. look forward to seeing the sapphire dual fan version when it hits. my only concern is US pricing. if 7870 is over £300 its f*cked. it needs to be £280 and 7850 needs to be £220 or less.

  • Paul

    AMD’s pricing is all wrong, that the killer. they are charging way too much for everything lately. and they complain about intel price fixing? the sooner nvidia get theirs cards out the b etter. then they will have to drop the price.

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