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AMD reportedly begins to fight back market share from Nvidia

Advanced Micro Devices began to fight back its market share from Nvidia Corp. in the third quarter of the year, a financial analyst revealed on Wednesday. While Nvidia still dominates the market, the launch of AMD’s latest graphics cards helped the company to improve its sales a bit. “Graphics processor …

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Rebadging of graphics adapters: Past, present and future

In the recent years both Advanced Micro Devices and Nvidia Corp. sold similar graphics processing units under completely different names, a practice many consider as deceiving. While stagnation in the market of graphics adapters and rebranding of graphics cards is hardly a good thing for the consumer, both GPU developers …

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Nvidia: Mantle does not bring any tangible benefits

Although many game developers have decided to support AMD’s proprietary Mantle application programming interface (API), whereas Intel Corp. even expressed interest in exploring the API, Nvidia Corp. has been relatively quiet about one of its arch-rival’s key technologies. This does not mean that the company does not have any opinion …

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AMD HD7870 and HD7850 Graphics Card Review

AMD launch the ‘Pitcairn’ series of graphics cards today, completing their Trinity of new Direct X 11 discrete solutions. In previous months we analysed the ‘Tahiti’ series HD7970 /HD7950 and the ‘Cape Verde’ HD7770 and HD7750, targeting the ultra high and lower end price points respectively. The HD7870 and HD7850 …

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