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AMD Turks GPU showcased

Pcinlife have been able to get some images of AMD’s upcoming entry level HD6570 and HD6670 cards that will be based on the 40nm Turks GPU.

There are still not details on these new cards or the upcoming Antilles dual GPU solution from AMD, but they are expected in the next couple of months.

The Turks GPU solutions have 16 ROPs, 480 stream processors and are tied into a 128 bit memory interface. The HD6570 looks to be clocked at 650mhz and will have a whopping 2GB of memory onboard running at 1800mhz. The HD6670 core will be running at 800mhz with 1GB of GDDR5 memory at 4000mhz. These are due to replace the ageing HD5570 and HD5670 cards.

This is all strictly unofficial so we have no way to verify the claims.

You can see the page over here.

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