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ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III review (w/ Asus GTX680 DirectCU II TOP)

The ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III features three 92mm proprietary ARCTIC white fans – set in a parallel configuration. They all run from the same header cable.

It ships in a tough, clear plastic container exposing the cooler. The rear panel features a list of specifications and images. It is worth pointing out if you are buying this for a GTX680 that you pay attention to the power connectors before hitting the credit card.

Above is an image of the vanilla Asus Nvidia GTX680, which is based on the reference Nvidia GTX680 design. We reviewed this card in April. The two 6 pin PCI e power plugs are ‘stacked’ above each other. Nvidia said at the time that this was a improved design idea, but they clearly had a momentary lapse of reason.

If you have one of these cards the ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III will NOT fit. Blame Nvidia, we know we do.

Above is an image of the custom built KFA2 GTX680 EX OC which we reviewed in May. This is the power plug configuration that is compatible with the ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III cooler. The ASUS GTX680 TOP we are using today has the same ‘side by side’ power plug setup, which is ideal. Please be sure to check your graphics card before ordering otherwise you will end up with an expensive paperweight.

Removed from the box, we can see the three fan cooler in all its glory.

ARCTIC include a huge array of screws, washers, spacers, adhesive tape, insulation tape and thermal pads. There is also a foam pad, power conversion cable and a GPU back plate. We will look at these in more detail on the installation page.

The user manual is useful, although ARCTIC cooling often update the guide online, so it is worth checking their website for the latest version.

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