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Asus Bravo 220 review – media card

The Asus Bravo 220 arrives in a plain black box with gold writing, its a rather retro design which wouldn’t look out of place in Thorntons.

Coffee Creams? yes please, yum.

Like many Asus boxes, this is a gatefold design which opens up and it looks well and details some of the cards features.

The package contains the card, a remote, a receiver base, CD’s and manuals. There is also a self adhesive felt grip to attach the receiver.

The manual is well written with illustrations explaining everything. Bonus points for the lack of ‘engrish’.

Above we can see the Asus remote, next to my usual tool of choice, the excellent Gyration remote, which works like a Nintendo Wii controller.

This is the remote receiver and light sensor. Yes, light sensor. This device adapts the onscreen plasma or LCD image via the card (and driver) to suit the ambience of the room.

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