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Asus F2A85-V Pro & AMD A10 5800K Review (w/ HD7660D)

Shogun 2 is set in 16th-century feudal Japan, in the aftermath of the Ōnin War. The country is fractured into rival clans led by local warlords, each fighting for control. The player takes on the role of one of these warlords, with the goal of dominating other factions and claiming his rule over Japan. The standard edition of the game will feature a total of eight factions (plus a ninth faction for the tutorial), each with a unique starting position and different political and military strengths.

We use the built in STEAM settings for these results, so you can directly compare against your own system.

At 720p the A10 5800K manages to produce a smooth frame rate, although it drops close to the danger zone at 25fps a couple of times. The 3700k with HD4000 on the other hand is more like a slideshow.

At 1080p the AMD A10 5800k returns the error message above. Not that it would be playable at this resolution anyway.

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