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Asus Geforce GTX670 Direct CU II TOP Review (OC)

Rating: 9.5.

Nvidia recently released their GTX670 series of graphics cards and today we are looking at the latest high end version from partner Asus. The Asus Geforce GTX670 Direct CU II TOP which is supplied with a dual fan metal cooler and pre-overclocked settings.

The higher powered GTX680 and GTX690 have been met with widespread critical acclaim however the GTX670 is the most interesting of the new range, because it will target the widest audience.

The reference GTX670 ships with a clock speed of 915mhz, with a turbo to 980mhz. The memory is configuration at 1,500mhz for an effective rate of 6.00ghz.

This card ships with the lovely Direct CU II metal cooler with multiple heatpipes and dual fan configuration. How does the Asus Geforce GTX670 Direct CU II TOP stack up?

Product Nvidia GTX670 Asus GTX670 Direct CU II TOP Nvidia GTX680 AMD HD7970
Transistors 3500m 3500m 3500m 4310m
Core Clock 915 mhz+ 1058 mhz+ 1006mhz+ 925mhz
Memory clock 1,502mhz 1,502mhz 1502mhz 1375mhz
Shaders 1344 1344 1536 2048
ROPs 32 32 32 32
Memory 2GB 2GB 2GB 3GB
Memory bus width 256 bit 256 bit 256 bit 384 bit

The Asus Geforce GTX670 Direct CU II TOP has received a core clock increase to 1,058mhz, with an effective Core Boost Clock to 1137MHz. The memory speed hasn't been changed over the reference card, clocked at 1,500mhz (6,000mhz effective).

Asus sell a reference clocked version of this card for £369.95 inc vat. This overclocked version has a £30 price premium, retailing for £399.95. Is it worth the high asking price?

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