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Asus GTX580 Matrix Platinum sneak peak gallery

We currently have the new ASUS GTX580 Matrix Platinum in our labs, and the review will be published shortly. We thought in the interim that our readers might like to see some high resolution pictures of the card before our full indepth analysis. The GTX580 is one of my favourite video cards of all time, a personal choice – so when Asus release a ‘balls out’ version, you know its going to be something really special.

The GTX580 Matrix Platinum is not a reference design card. It is in fact a three slot design aimed at hard core overclockers and enthusiast users. This design has a plethora of features for cranking the performance to the limits. Voltage measurements are available on the card and there is also extensive software voltage control. Asus have also included solder bridges so people can tweak it even further.

The cooler on the card is certainly going to take up some physical space inside your system case, but we have reviewed similar Direct CU coolers from ASUS before and they are some of the best on the market, dropping temperatures by a huge margin and keeping noise to a minimum.

Republic Of Gamers is the ASUS ‘elite’ gaming certification, given to their best products, and this card features a ton of ROG exclusive features such as redundant BIOS with Safe Mode fallback, ROG GPU tweak and fan throttling.

The card is supplied in an overclocked state, running at 816mhz core, and 1002mhz memory. We don’t want to spill all the beans just yet so be sure to check back later when we will have our review published. Is this the ultimate GTX580? It looks on paper to pose a serious contender as one of the finest graphics cards on the market.

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