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Asus GTX760 Direct CU Mini and HD7850 Direct CU II V2 Review

Grid 2 is the sequel to the racing video game Race Driver: Grid.  It was developed and published by Codemasters. The game includes numerous real world locations such as Paris, numerous United States locations, and many more, and also includes motor vehicles spanning four decades. In addition, it includes a new handling system that developer Codemasters has dubbed ‘TrueFeel’, which aims to hit a sweet spot between realism and accessibility.
grid2_avx 2013-09-19 15-10-21-65grid2_avx 2013-09-19 15-10-45-80grid2_avx 2013-09-19 15-10-51-28
We test at 1920×1080 with the Ultra image quality preset, as shown above. 8x MSAA was enabled to improve image quality.
grid 2
The Asus GTX760 Mini is very closely matched with the Sapphire HD7950 solution, only a couple of frames per second slower. The Asus HD7850 scores an average of 51 frames per second – which increases to 95 when two cards are configured in Crossfire.

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