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Asus HD7970 Tri Crossfire Review

Rating: 8.0.

AMD released their HD7970 on December 22nd last year and we followed up with four separate reviews focusing on single card, dual card configurations and modified cards from XFX. Today we are looking at several ASUS cards, and to make it more interesting, we have opted to build a three way Crossfire system. Just what kind of performance can you expect from three of these killer cards in a high end system?

AMD’s HD7970 is a monster card, easily claiming the top single GPU performance spot from the long standing, yet still very capable Nvidia GTX580. When it comes to high resolution gaming with the eye candy cranked to the limits, there is nothing right now to touch the HD7970. We have already looked at the performance from two of these cards in Crossfire, but what can you expect if you decided to spend a small fortune for three of them?

Asus sent us two of the HD7970’s and we used an additional reference AMD card for the three way testing today.

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  • Magnus

    £1,500 just for the graphics cards, lol. Any chance you could offer that system up for a competition? 🙂

  • ET

    Thank you so much for the comprehensive comparison with other cards. You may choose a body part for me to kiss. I love having a lot of references in reviews.

  • Roger Fil

    lol, who is this article for, the rich and famous? one card is too much for most people I would imagine

  • Vedna

    Good article, shows that two is the best performance option really, unless you are chasing synthetic figures like in 3dmark11. thanks.

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  • Frank Joson

    hard core ! wow

  • OmegaRED

    I really would have liked to have seen this trifire setup vs 6970 Trifire and 6990+6970 Trifire since that’s what many of us enthusiasts are rocking and we need to know how much needs to be spent to beat this performance.

  • I would have loved to have had time to test all that too, but unfortunately not this time.

  • Derek Rodgers

    Good review, I would wait for the custom asus card too, probably be £50 more, but if you are spending £500 its not a big deal. Asus made some great modded GTX580’s. they will do the s ame with the 7970, might be march though.

  • mbryans

    Great review. I always like reviews from KitGuru, particularly written by Zardon, many aspects and comparisons reviewed in detail.

    If possible, please review the Asus HD 7970 DirectCU II (as single card), focus for game resolution 1200p or 1080p, please consider also Civilization V (with latest Catalyst, WHQL and Beta version), also compare performance of DirectCU II vs Accelero Xtreme 7970 (if it can be used on the Asus HD 7970 DirectCU II).

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  • Luay

    Not nit picking but the XFX DD uses a custom dual fan cooler slapped on a reference PCB, not a custom PCB as you said in the opening of your conclusion. Not saying a custom PCB would be better as some companies make their custom PCBs using cheaper materials (such as Power Color) than in the reference model to cut costs, but readers and potential buyers need to get the full picture.

  • Absolutely correct. My bad.