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Asus R9 290 release news: error update

In the early hours of the morning one of our news staff clumsily misinterpreted a press release from ASUS, claiming they were the first out of the door with a custom cooled R9 290.

Sadly this is not the case, and in fact – like all the other R9 290's released since launch their card is using a reference AMD cooler with a company branded sticker in place.

Many retailers are not highlighting the ASUS cooler design in product page images – however you can see the reference cooler listed on the official ASUS product page. The matter was complicated by the fact that the reference ASUS solution is a little more expensive than competitor R9 290's which gave the impression that the card might in fact be using an upgraded cooler.
While I don't have dates yet on custom cooled R9 290's or R9 290X's, I wouldn't imagine any will be released for public sale until at least the end of November.

The offending story has since been removed and I apologise for any misleading information we published in the early hours of the morning. Rest assured writer Jules will be downgraded to tea making duties for the rest of the week.

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