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Want a white Xbox One? Better have deep pockets

If you wanted to own a white Xbox One just last week, you'd have found the only way you'd ever get a chance, would be to go back in time and start working for Microsoft's Xbox division sometime in the past few years, as they're all getting one in a really fetching white/silver combination. Now though, you can buy one, as one of the people that worked on the machine is selling their ‘one' on Ebay, with the proceeds going to charity.

But this isn't just some normal Xbox One that's been sprayed a different colour, well it is, but it's also a unique launch version with the words “I made this,” etched into the case near the disc tray. Chances are in a few years there will only be a handful of these kicking around, so its value will no doubt go up over time.

Damn… Microsoft kind of made me want an Xbox

That's, “go up,” in relation to its standard asking price, not the ridiculously huge price tag it's currently sporting on Ebay. This limited edition Xbox One, has 142 bids at the time of writing and the top one at the moment has it for £130,100. The auction still has two days to go as well, so it may well keep going up.

Of course this might be some sort of phony bid, which would be a shame since all the money raised by its sale goes to the GamesAid charity.

On top of the console itself, it comes with a special white controller, the standard Kinect and headset and a couple of achievements: one for being a day-one launch console and another for being part of the launch team.

KitGuru Says: This is a pretty nice gesture from whoever's console this is/was, even if the developer responsible is on a decent wage. Especially since the One actually looks pretty damn nice in white and silver. 

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