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World’s biggest iPhone speaker released – weighing 178kg!

Well it may be hard to believe, but a company have just released the World’s biggest iPhone speaker – weighing in at an eye popping 178KG. We received an email this morning from zany creator Eric Calderon detailing the new design.

The speaker is designed from 44 elements and two ‘mega powerful’ subwoofers. If you want a ground shaking speaker to take up most of your room space then this is the beast you will want to be ordering.

The speaker measures 1,000 mm x 1,700 mm x 400 mm with a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. It has a max recommended amplifier power rating of 125 watts with a sensitivity rating of 95dB. The frequency response is said to be between 40hz – 20,000hz. We would think that the bass response of this unit will be quite remarkable, although we haven’t heard one in the flesh yet.
The image above shows the beautiful finish and you can clearly get a good overview of the scale – yes, you can just about see the Apple iPhone top right in the image! What you probably won’t be able to see, is a Monkey’s head. Eh?
Above is a close up of the Monkey’s head which is placed close to the Apple device port. If you play the music too loud his eye colour shifts from blue to gold. If you push the volume even higher then they turn red – probably to match the colour of the blood running from your ears.

If you play for more than five minutes in the ‘red eye’ zone then the music will stop. The company say this is a safety feature to prevent damage to ears and even the surrounding property! All that it is missing it would seem is an automated call to get an ambulance.
A close up of the volume control shows they clearly have a sense of humour, paying homage to Nigel in Spinal Tap  — ‘But my amplifier is louder, it goes up to 11!’.
If you want to order one for your home, then be prepared to pay handsomely – they cost $6,900 and don’t even ask how much shipping would cost to the United Kingdom! If you want one, then get in an order over here. You can discuss on our Facebook page here.

Kitguru says: It is crazy but we love it!

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