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Catalyst 10.7 released – VLC support and new eyefinity features

ATi have released a new set of drivers – Catalyst 10.7 (which stands for 2010, July month) and they bring some interesting new features to the table.

10.7 driver has GPU acceleration for H264 content in the ever popular VLC media player V 1.1.1. This pull down detection has been fixed and enhanced and seems to be working great with our own testing over the last few days, however be aware it is only supported on the HD5000 series of cards.

CrossfireX has also received some tweaks under the hood and supports rotated displays which will be sure to appeal to some of the hardcore gaming audience who have been looking for this feature for quite a while now.

Friend of KitGuru: AMD's Catalyst Maker - Terry Makedon.

I haven't had a chance to test the newest drivers with our HQV Benchmark suite, but you can check out our recent analysis if you want to see just how good the latest drivers are with video image quailty.

KitGuru says: You can snag the drivers over here, direct from the guys.

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