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Silverstone Sugo SG07 Review (featuring Zotac H55 ITX)

Rating: 9.0.

Silverstone have created some stunning products and we have always been avid followers of the Sugo Range which redefined small form factor chassis designs when they were first released, making HTPC both practical and quite beautiful to look at.

The Sugo range has been in production for many years now and the seventh series has just been released … today we look at the Sugo SG 07 which aims to deliver enough cooling prowess to allow for high performance systems with maybe even a little overclocking.

The SG07 comes supplied with a killer 600W 80Plus Bronze power supply which copes with almost all single card solutions. Inside there is also a 180mm AP181 Air Penetrator fan, which we reviewed a short while ago. The main talking point however is the fact that this chassis can also house a graphics card up to 12.2 inches long which means, yes it can cope with a HD5970 (12.2 inches exactly) which we think is rather stunning.

Silverstone are also keen to promote the fact that the chassis and the power supply can handle the new nVidia GTX480 and even with the heat pipes on the top, it fits perfectly inside. All you need do is remove the fan frame (see above).

Chassis Silverstone SUGO SG 07
Colour Black
Material Aluminium & Steel
Weight 4.9kg
Form Factor Mini ITX only
Front Panel Power/Reset Switches, 2x USB 2.0, Stereo, Mic
Drive Bays 1x external slim 5.25inch, 1x internal 3.5 inch, 2x 2.5 inch
Cooling 1x 180mm Silverstone Air Penetrator SST AP181 fan (supplied)
Power Silverstone customised SST ST60F-SG 600W

For testing today we would like to thank Zotac for their kind support in offering a H55 Mini ITX board (Zotac H55 Mini ITX Wifi) which is retailing in the UK for around the £100-110 mark. This board is fully loaded and has such a comprehensive feature list you would be forgiven for thinking it was in fact full size. This board is a 1156 slot design on the Intel H55 chipset with support for up to 8GB of DDR3-1366mhz. It also has a full 16 x width PCI e slot for graphics cards.

Motherboard Zotac H55 Mini ITX Wi-FI
Chipset Intel H55 Express – passively cooled
Slot Intel 1156
Memory support DDR3 1066/1333mhz – up to 8GB (2x4GB modules)
Processor support i7,i5 and i3
USB support 14 USB 2.0 ports (10 on back panel, 4 on header)
Audio 7.1 Channel High Definition Audio
Graphics Intel graphics media accelerator HD with Dual Link DVI & HDMI outputs
Upscaling High quality DVD upscaling
Sata Support 6 Sata 3.0 GB/s, 1 eSata 3.0GB/s
Networking Wireless 802.11n Wifi (300mb/s) and Gigabit Lan
Additional features Blu Ray premium audio support, HDMI Deepcolor and x.v. Color Support, DirectX 10 with Shader Model 4 onboard

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  • Eric K

    Well those products are a match made in heaven, thats for sure. Great review, thanks.

  • Sam I Am

    Those are the chassis designs I love – subtle, yet beautiful. very sexy case.

  • Terry

    Cant believe the way they have built the case to take the biggest cards on the market, some full size cases can’t. Great work from Silverstone there.

  • Death Dealer

    Saw a review of this a few days ago on bit tech and almost ordered it. This is the tipping point. Love it, thanks for the thorough testing.

  • Harry

    Damn, good timing, was looking at this case last week and didnt know if there were any fitting issues. I have the SG05 and really rated it, but its a bit old in the tooth now. 600W PSU here I come !

  • Tim

    Silverstone, you rock my world, what a beautiful piece of engineering!

  • Tri Color

    havent had the time to thoroughly read this just yet, but what a lovely looking chassis. cable management looks a nightmare however in such a confined space.

  • Steve

    Nicely finished. the motherboard is impressive too. Not sure that cooler would be ideal for me long term. id like to look into watercooling solutions for it.

  • Stefan

    Well that was a very enjoyable afternoon read over here, thanks for taking the time to mix and match such a good pairing.

    That 655k is a decent price in the UK, and it seems to overclock without much effort. Might look into copying this system, but maybe using a Sapphire HD5670 ultimate and try and build something basically silent.

  • Frank

    I really do love the fact silverstone prefit such a nice PSU into this chassis and it cuts out some of the build effort. the motherboard is a decent price, but are zotac really that good? I would think someone like DFI would offer a better overclocking product.

  • Francois LeBon

    That is a very nice design from silverstone, im tempted to build something low power with a dual core i5 myself now.

  • Tech Head

    Technically the design from Silverstone is stellar. they have a top mounting fan which is focused and directed in such a strong manner, this basically blasts all the components and forces air out the sides of the case reducing component and ambient temperatures, all in one. very impressive really.

  • Flo

    Well while the silverstone chassis impressed me the motherboard caught my eye. 14 USB 2 ports? esata, 300mbit wireless, etc etc.

    What a fucking killer product that is !

  • Brian

    This system would be perfect for me. what a great idea Zardon. all the components are affordable (well 5870 is a bit much still but …) and they all work great. Excellent review and testing.

  • Jordan


    This should be my next gaming machine – except that I like gigabyte better. Plus I would consider some quad core with NH-C12P-14S as cooler. But not sure if will fit (it is kind a bulky for ITX form factor

  • Hi Jordan I tried the NH C12p 14 which we also reviewed (great cooler) and while it fits, on this particular Zotac board it blocked the PCI express slot so you have to use the onboard graphics. We have been told by Silverstone since the review went live however that the DFI mini ITX board works fine with this cooler. might be worth looking into……

  • Jordan

    Thanks for the reply.
    Indeed I will look at that one… 🙂

  • PrinceHarry

    far too much bux for a case howver good. No wonder all the computer market is going downhill. Give me a good case for $40 and a great case for £70. Gold plated with Ahgel wings for a £100. Intels biggest hole in its lineup is an atome with integrated GPU .. I dont think they have anything that will compete against F350APU at least for another 6 months, even then their gfx are normally dreadul.