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Silverstone Sugo SG07 Review (featuring Zotac H55 ITX)

The Silverstone Sugo SG07 has thoroughly impressed the KitGuru lab monkeys over the last week. Everyone in our team has been impressed with the appearance, internal design and cooling performance.

While we are extremely satisfied with the 180mm Penetrator fan, we really find it uncomfortable long term at high settings, it generates quite a whine which in the context of a media center would prove to be annoying. We always leave it on low and even at these slower speeds it produces a massive amount of air flow which is more than capable of keeping temperatures firmly in check. The fact that we could get another 800mhz out of our 655k CPU without hitting 70c load is testament to the fans dynamic performance. High end Quad core processors will probably require slightly more modest core voltage increases to keep things totally stable. If all you are doing is watching media content and playing games on a 1080P TV then a reasonably clocked Core i5 CPU is more than enough.

When gaming for a long time with the overclocked HD5870 we found that the chassis design was absorbing some of the generated heat, helping the components to cool and from a design point of view Silverstone really do deserve credit for such a stellar construction.

Silverstone have managed to create one of the finest small form factor chassis designs on the market and it not only looks fanastic but you can build a stable, long term high end gaming system with a single slot high end graphics solution inside it. The HIS5870 Turbo had no problems staying cool inside the SG07 and we experienced no instability issues either.

The cost for the Silverstone SG 07 in the UK right now is £165 inc vat which is an extremely competitive price if you factor in the 600W power supply which we would estimate to be worth around £65 of the overall unit cost. It is extremely capable and can handle a GTX480 or HD5970, meaning you should never have to change it out, which is just as well as you can’t buy the SG07 without it.

The only potential problem we experienced is that someone without a 90 degree Sata Cable would be left in a rather unpleasant situation if they wanted to mount one or two 2.5 inch drives. We think Silverstone should contemplate adding a couple of these cables (or even one) to the overall package.

The Zotac H55 Mini ITX Wi-Fi motherboard is just as impressive as the Silverstone SG07 and we found this product to be a perfect partner as Zotac offer a strong bundle with the board and have a great instruction manual if you have issues setting it up. The Wi-Fi element is well worth the extra money as we found the reception strength very strong, even through several rooms in a large building. The build quality is top drawer, the bios is comprehensive and the overclocking options work well.

Again, the only problem I experienced with the Zotac H55 mini ITX motherboard was the omission of any 90 degree Sata Connectors in the box. With a Mini ITX board we would urge Zotac to include at least 2 of these cables to aid with the system build.

KitGuru says: Both of these products are worthy of our highest award and both score 9/10 for overall excellence, performance and stability.

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Rating: 9.0.

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