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Club3D HD7970 RoyalAce Graphics Card Review

To overclock today we are using the latest version of Sapphire’s TriXX software tool.

We managed to increase the core speed from 1,100mhz to 1,186mhz and the memory from 1,500mhz to 1,585mhz.

With the manual overclock, performance increases further,  from 9,160 points to 9,554 points. A healthy little increase.

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  • Andrew

    found this site from the excellent facebook page. what a great review. bookmarked this site !

  • culdude03

    all i can say is…


  • Mannacua

    I agree, some of the coolers are stupid now. 3 slots, and extending 5 cm’s past the PCB, meaning they wont fit into some cases when they should !

    Good review Z, like this card a lot. How is their warranty?