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Gigabyte HD6770 Silent Cell 1GB Review (passively cooled)

The Gigabyte HD6770 Silent Cell ships in a dull looking box with a huge window cut out at the front – to expose the radical heatsink design.

The bundle includes a software disc, literature on the product, a video converter, power converter and Crossfire Cable. There are no free games bundled with this particular card.

The card is built around a striking blue PCB, and the giant heatsink overhangs the card by a considerable margin.

The card demands a single 6 pin PCI E power connector, which is positioned between the rows of overhanging aluminum heatsinks.

The Gigabyte card ships with three full sized connectors – DVI, HDMI and Displayport. Covering the full gamut of digital connectivity. The heatsink fins poke through the dual slot backplate.

There is 1GB of Hynix H5GQ1H24AFR memory onboard.

The Gigabyte card is a really attractive design, and we don’t often say that about passively cooled cards. The company branding is apparent on both surfaces of the dual width heatsink.

The cooler is held in place with four screws, which are easily removed.

The cooler design is complex, with multiple racks of aluminum fins all connected to the core block via heatpipes.

The GPU core runs at 850mhz, and the 1GB of GDDR5 memory is clocked at 1200mhz (4800mhz effective) – this is connected via a 128bit memory interface. The HD6770 has 16 ROP’s and 800 unified shaders.

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